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Calhabé Viaduct reopening to traffic

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Metro Mondego informs that, as part of the construction work on the Metrobus, under the responsibility of Infraestruturas de Portugal, the Calhabé Viaduct has reopened to traffic today, June 5th.

The image shows the road scheme for the reopening.

Therefore, with the opening of this section, road traffic between Rua D. Manuel I and Rua Tomé Rodrigues Sobral becomes possible.

At the road interface between Rua do Brasil and Rua D. Manuel I, circulation in the south-north direction (entrance via Rua do Brasil) is restored, reversing the direction that was in force during the conditioning that is now ending.

It should be noted that all other flows currently in force in this area of ​​the city remain in place.

Considering the various constraints inherent to the work in progress, within the scope of the Metrobus infrastructure construction works, it is recommended to use navigation aids, such as Waze and Google Maps, where the constraints are inserted, thus being able to always know the best route in real time.

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