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IP and the Municipality of Coimbra promote the planting of around 900 bushes and 3 trees next to the João de Deus School Garden

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In a joint initiative between Infraestruturas de Portugal and the Municipality of Coimbra with the 2nd Jardim-Escola João de Deus, which took place this morning, July 9th, on Rua Dom João III, a large group of children from this school participated in the planting of 897 small shrubs and three trees (linden trees) in the flowerbeds included in the contract for the Alto de S. João - Mondego Mobility System Toll section, as well as in new flowerbeds that were created between the building of that educational establishment and the existing garden.
With enormous participation and joy, the children who participated in this initiative were made aware of the importance of contributing to a more sustainable city, having made a commitment to collaborate in watering the plants until the end of this month. 
The Councilor for Education, Ana Cortez Vaz, and the Executive Administrator of Metro Mondego, Eduardo Barata, participated in the initiative, witnessing the enthusiasm of the children.

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