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Metrobus - Plano para Reforço da Estrutura Arbórea

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As part of the execution of the first phase of the Plan for the Reinforcement of the Tree Structure of Metro-Mondego, in collaboration with the Municipality of Coimbra, the planting of about three dozen trees is taking place this week in the Solum area, which another fifty will be planted by the end of next week.

In general terms, the Plan for Strengthening the Tree Structure of Metro-Mondego has the following guiding objectives:
• Improve the integration of the Metrobus channel into the urban landscape;
• Preserve biodiversity;
• Reinforce the Urban Ecological Structure;
• Foster bonds of affinity between populations, the Metrobus system and new spaces.

With this plan, Metro Mondego has undertaken to plant 3 trees for each one removed within the scope of the Metrobus infrastructure works, for which an investment of around €150,000 is foreseen, to be carried out in various stages over the three-year period 2022-2024.
In addition to this initiative in the municipality of Coimbra, Metro Mondego will carry out similar actions in the municipalities of Miranda do Corvo and Lousã.

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