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Traffic conditioning in the Coimbra B tunnel

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Following construction work on the Portagem – Coimbra-B urban section of the Mondego Mobility System (SMM), under the responsibility of Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP), traffic conditioning will be implemented in the Coimbra B tunnel, essential for the execution in safety of the work that will take place from Tuesday, April 2nd.

For around 4 months it will not be possible to leave the city through the Coimbra B tunnel, the transit alternative being exemplified in the image.

Thus, the exit from Coimbra for those coming from the north or east of the city will be via the Rotunda da Casa do Sal, passing through the Choupal tunnel (next to McDonalds) under the train line and finally via Avenida Aeminium. Entry into Coimbra will be via the Coimbra B tunnel.

Anyone coming from Avenida Fernão de Magalhães will have the alternative to turn left (next to McDonalds) and go directly to the Choupal tunnel. For this purpose, a temporary crossing will be built on the avenue.

This traffic restriction is due to the need to lay deep foundations, stabilize slopes, build new walls and build the new deck, which will now have two additional lanes dedicated to Metrobus.

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