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Reopening of access to the Quinta da Lomba Urbanization

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Access to the Quinta da Lomba Urbanization - Avenida Fernando Namora was reopened today, March 21st. The existing traffic restrictions on this Avenue now move to the side of the roundabout that meets Rua Jorge Anjinho.
The image presents a schematic representation of the conditioning, which is expected to last a month and a half.

Therefore, traffic at this roundabout and on the section of the Avenue up to Rua General Humberto Delgado will only be on its eastern side, with one lane in each direction.

The road flow originating at Rua Jorge Anjinho and heading to Rotunda Artur Paredes, will have to turn right and head towards Rotunda da Casa Branca. Once you reach this roundabout, you should go around it, reversing the direction of travel, and then continue north.

The road flow originating from the Rotunda da Casa Branca to access Rua Engenheiro Jorge Anjinho, is forced to continue to the Rotunda Artur Paredes, thus reversing the direction of travel. Once you reach the roundabout that joins Rua Engenheiro Jorge Anjinho, you will be allowed to go around the roundabout on its east side and exit onto Rua Engenheiro Jorge Anjinho.

This intervention covers the following activities:

Execution of drainage, rainwater, sanitation and electrical infrastructures;
Urban integration;

Although no significant impacts are expected on pedestrian routes, they will be permanently monitored, in order to provide them with the best circulation and safety conditions.

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