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Traffic conditioning on Avenida Fernão de Magalhães

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As part of the construction work on the urban section of the Metrobus Avenida Aeminium – Hospital Pediátrico, under the responsibility of Infraestruturas de Portugal, it will be necessary to implement traffic conditioning on Avenida Fernão de Magalhães, at the intersection with Avenida Central.
With an estimated duration of 60 days, this intervention will force the avenue to be narrowed, leaving road traffic limited to just one lane in each direction.
The image shows a schematic image of the conditioning.

The work to be carried out is as follows:
- Interventions in Águas de Coimbra infrastructures, namely in the water supply, residual drainage and rainwater drainage networks;
- Paving;
- Remodeling of the public lighting network;
- Urban integration;
- Execution of the Metrobus channel;
- Placing signage and security;
- Road telematics system (Semaphorization);
- Affected services – Telecommunications.

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