Technical Systems Technician Candidate

Limit date: 2022-09-30

Metro Mondego S.A., a public company responsible for implementing an innovative transport system, of the Metrobus type, also known as the Mondego Mobility System (SMM), in the Coimbra region. It intends to recruit to reinforce its Technical Department, Technical Systems Technician (M/F).

The Technical Systems Technician (Telematics, SAE and Ticketing) will be responsible for managing activities related to the implementation of these systems, and subsequently for managing maintenance contracts, their supervision and monitoring.

• Academic Qualifications | Higher education in the field of engineering, electrotechnics, electronics or any other compatible with the intended functions;
• Minimum Experience in the Area | 5 years
• Computer skills | from the user's perspective.

Valuation factors
• Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Informatics or similar;
• Postgraduate courses and training courses relevant to the role;
• Domain of computer tools: Geographic Information Systems, MS Project and Autocad;
• Experience in the use of Maintenance Management systems
• Experience in the management and implementation of Quality Management Systems, Environment and Safety at Work;
• Experience in managing maintenance contracts;
• Maintenance experience;
• Participation in studies or projects related to the maintenance or performance of technical infrastructures;
• Experience in managing or participating in public transport operation activities;
• Experience in preparing public procurement procedures and evaluating proposals;
• Experience in the preparation or management of projects involving the design, integration and supply of technical systems.

• Results Orientation;
• Capacity for Analysis, Planning and Organization;
• Analytical Thinking;
• Rigor and Sense of Responsibility;
• Proactivity and Autonomy in the performance of functions;
• Flexibility and Ability to Solve/Anticipate Problems;
• Good Interpersonal Relationship and Spirit and Team;
• Capacity for Dialogue and Conflict Management.

Main activities
• Management of supply contracts, including project monitoring, factory and field tests and reception and commissioning of:
- General Telematics Systems, Central Command Post (PCC) and Traffic Lights, including Telecommunications, SAE and Public Information;
- Intermodal ticketing system;
- Fixed and mobile communications (voice and data);
• Management of maintenance contracts for Telematics and Ticketing Systems, including their inspection and monitoring of availability and reliability indicators;
• Articulation with other technical areas of MM in the management of the electric charging infrastructures of vehicles, including PTs, and of the operation, from the perspective of global management of the SMM;
• Participation in the preparation of security, maintenance and operation files to obtain authorizations and licenses for the SMM and the Operation with the IMT;
• Carrying out public procurement procedures for carrying out studies, projects and supplies for the implementation of new functionalities or developments in technical systems or for SMM expansions;
• Participation in the management of the implementation and maintenance of the Quality, Environment and Safety Systems;
• Conducting studies and implementing developments to optimize the maintenance management of SMM's technical systems.



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