Metro-Mondego, S.A.


About us

Metro-Mondego, S.A. is a limited liability company with exclusively public capital, incorporated by public deed on 05.20.1996
The State awarded Metro Mondego, "exclusively, the concession, under the public regime, for operating a surface light rail system in the municipalities of Coimbra, Miranda do Corvo and Lousã [known as Mobilidade do Mondego]."
Proving to be economically and socially more advantageous, the concessionaire can opt for alternative technological solutions, ensuring the rational use of the existing rail channel.
During the construction phase, Metro Mondego is responsible for the public road transport in Lousã Line.



To implement and to explore a mobility system in the municipalities of Coimbra, Lousã and Miranda do Corvo, optimizing the use of public resources allocated to the project.
To ensure an ecological, modern, comfortable and safe mode of transport with an adequate service offer that promotes the mobility of the population.
To integrate its services in a process of modernization and articulation of transport systems, contributing to the improvement of accessibility and economic and social development, as well as to the conditions of territorial integration and urban planning and ordering.

Vision and values


To be an innovative organization, interacting with the population and effectively ensuring the implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the sub-concession of the Mondego Mobility System, in order to guarantee high standards of public service quality.


Statutory Bodies

Administration Board
Eng. João Rui de Sousa Simões Fernandes Marrana


Prof. Doutor Eduardo Jorge Gonçalves Barata

Executive Member

Dr.ª Teresa Margarida Ferreira Mateus Pratas Jorge

Executive Member

Board of the General Meeting
Luís Miguel Correia Antunes


Prof. Doutor António Miguel Costa Baptista

Vice President

Dr.ª Sónia Serrano Pujalrás


Fiscal Council
Dr. José de Jesus Gonçalves Mendes em representação da Rosa Lopes, Gonçalves Mendes & Associados

Effective ROC

Dr. João Manuel Rosa Lopes


Organizational Chart

organigrama-desktop-metro-mondego_png organigrama-mobile-metro-mondego_png


The share capital of Metro-Mondego, S.A. (€1,075,000) has been, since June 2001, distributed among shareholders as follows:







DECREE-LAW 70/94, March 3rd

DECREE-LAW 179-A/2001, of June 18th

DECREE-LAW 10/2002 of January 24th

DECREE-LAW 226/2004 of December 6th

DECREE-LAW 21/2022 of February 4th


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