A new mobility is coming


The future of mobility in the Region of Coimbra is being built through the implementation of a road public passenger transport system, full electric and in a dedicated channel, the Metrobus, which will operate in the municipalities of Coimbra, Miranda do Corvo and Lousã.
The Metrobus system allows the rehabilitation of the old Ramal da Lousã through a transport mode with characteristics compatible with circulation in urban and suburban areas.
In this section you can learn about the Metrobus system and the evolution of all works in progress that are creating the conditions for its arrival.


High Capacity: Vehicles with135 seats and wide open stations.


Territorial Planning

Increasement of urban and functional cohesion in the road axis Coimbra, Miranda do Corvo and Lousã, with the promotion of local urban development. Approximation to the points where major demand is found.


Reduction of travel times due to faster access and own channel circulation. Creation of an efficient and complementary transport network based on interoperability with other transpo.perators


Electric vehicles, air-conditioned and silent, with easy access for passengers to enter and exit, including children and people with reduced mobility. Fare integration with other means of transportation.


The Wide visibility, the technology (optical guidance system, speed control, anti-collision device, etc.) and the materials used allow more safety for users.


Friendly cohabitation with urban space and the environment, reducing noise levels and improving air quality.


Innovative, sustainable and technologically effective solutions, attraction and reinforcement of the use of public transport.

Metrobus in Numbers

Number of municipalities that are linked by the network


System lenght

42 km

Number of stations


Average distance between stations in the suburban area

1865 m

Average distance between stations in the urban area

490 m

Number of buses


Bus lenght

18,75 m

Maximum number of passengers


Number of seats


Opportunity charging stations


Estimated annual ridership

13 million

Headway in peak periods in urban areas

5 minutes

Metrobus Network

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State of Progress

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